Staci Bishop

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Training Recap Part 2: Getting Started with CBI

Once I had chosen a certifying organization, it was time to sign up and start studying. The process to sign up was really easy. You basically fill out a webform and choose your payment option. That was another thing I like about Childbirth International (CBI). They give you the option of making monthly payments if that is what works best for you.

Within moments I had a login and password with electronic access to the complete training materials. This was another perk of CBI. You could start training right away. Everything you need is online! Within a couple of days I had received an email from my "trainer" and within a week, I had received the books of the training materials. It was really a quick process to get everything going.

My trainer was Amy Hoyt and she was great. Granted, I'm a pretty low maintenance student so it was rare that I needed to contact her but she was always available with support and willing to help me along in the process. She also provided some really good feedback along the way.

The are three training manuals for Birth Doula are Communication Skills, Physiology for Birth, and Birth Doula Skills. It is recommended that you complete them in that order but not required.

Here is the short list of what is required to become a certified birth doula with CBI.

Certification: Certified Labor Doula (CLD)
Cost: US$430 (payment plan available)
Workshop required: None
How long does it take: 3-7 months
Time limit: None
Refunds: 2 day full refund less admin fee of $50
Number of births required: Support 2 women for a total of 15 hours including pre and postpartum support
Exam: Multiple choice open book exam
Assignment: One written paper
Other requirements: Read 3 books and survey of childbirth class options locally

Next, I will share with you some tips of what helped me to get on track, stay on track, and complete the certification process within my desired timeline.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

nYn now accepting credit card payments

It's no secret that I love technology. I also think it's important to stay cutting-edge when running an business.

When it comes to nYn, the majority of my doula clients choose to pay by check. However, recently I had a family ask if I would accept payment via PayPal. I already have an account in place and the transaction worked out nicely. While I was perusing PayPal to follow the transfer, I noticed that they now have a schnazzy little card reader device that connects to your iPhone for credit card payments. I researched more and checked out the accompanying iPhone app which processes the transactions. It was very simple and cost-effective to use. So.......

I am pleased to report that nurturing YOU naturally is now accepting credit card payments for doula services. 

There is another announcement coming soon for nYn where this handy, dandy card scanning device will be put to even more good use. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hypno-Doula, at your service

A few months ago, I announced that I was undergoing training to become a Hypno-Doula. Well, today I received my official notification that I passed my test and I am now a HypnoBabies® Certified Hypno-Doula (HCHD).
How does a doula celebrate the accomplishment of being able to add four new letters behind her name? With new business cards, of course! These are my new mini cards from They turned out super cute.
The best part about Moo is that you can have up to 5 different images on the back of your cards. I kinda took a leap of faith and ordered mine in advance. Positive thinking, I say. :) They have already arrived and I'm ready to start handing them out. I have some some with my nYn logo, some plain, and some geared specifically toward pregnant mamas. 

These mini cards are so versatile but they have many other promotional items as well. If you are thinking of ordering, please click here to get started and you will also save 10% off your first order! 

Okay, back to HypnoBabies®. I am a firm believer in this program. I have seen it work first hand to give moms a beautiful, quick, and peaceful birth. It's really amazing! The program is comprehensive in that it teaches about all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. At the same time it eliminates any fears and anxieties surrounding birth. The techniques allow the mom to completely relax her body and let it do its thing! HypnoBabies® is also great for dads in showing them how to really support their wives in birth. :)

There are local classes and home study options available. If you are pregnant and looking to have a pain-free birth without medication or intervention, then I would highly recommend you check out If you are a HypnoBabies® student, then you truly need a Certified Hypno-Doula. We have been trained in specific ways to support hypno students. Specifically, we know to use the verbiage/lingo that you will learn in class. It is crucial to have your birth team using the same terminology so that you can stay focused and relaxed on birthing day.

If you are looking for a Hypno-Doula or have general questions, please contact me today to set up a complimentary consultation.