Staci Bishop

Saturday, August 17, 2013

nYn Supports Women & Children in Uganda

This has been on my heart for a while and I'm excited to share it with you!

Starting today, a portion of all nYn doula fees will be given to ministries in Uganda.  

I've never even been to Africa but there is a piece of my heart reserved for Uganda. Why? Well....

My best friend, who also blogs at A Southern Ruckus, adopted her daughter from Uganda in 2010. In an attempt to survive the painstaking waiting process, she soaked in as much knowledge as she could about Uganda: the landscape, the history, the culture, the language, the orphanage, logistics. Everything. In my attempt to support her as much as possible during this time, I learned right along with her. We've often joked that I was her "adoption doula." I read the same websites, saw the same pictures, read reviews on her book selections, followed the same blogs, and stalked kept up with the same people on Twitter. Some of my favorite people on the Internet right now are families that I "met" virtually during that process. Many of them have also adopted from Uganda. 

When my bestie was in Uganda for 6 weeks, I lived vicariously through her via email, chat, blog updates and video conferencing (thank goodness for technology). While I have never experienced Uganda first hand, it's 3 years later and still on my mind. Mainly because it pops into my blog newsfeed so frequently. ;) In the last few months, I have been feeling the need to continue to support women and children in Uganda. 

After much prayer and consideration, I'm excited to put real funds towards the following ministries. When you hire me as your doula, a portion of that fee will be given directly to this family and organization. Read below to learn more about each of them! 

I "met" Jade when she was on Uganda soil waiting to bring her son home. Her personality, patience, humbleness and love for the Lord was and still is abundant. I've been inspired by her in ways she will never know. Now, her family is preparing to go back to pursue a full-time ministry opportunity.

I also "met" Melissa while she was in Uganda waiting to adopt her daughter. She brought to my attention to conditions in which Ugandan women deliver their babies. She began distributing "Mama Kits" to help the women of Uganda have cleaner, safer births.