Staci Bishop

Monday, September 16, 2013

Doula Testimonial

The 5 W’s of Why Staci Bishop Rocks
By: Sarah - Nashville, TN

My fiancĂ© and I were bound and determined to be ready to knock down doors to have a natural childbirth. After enrolling in Bradley classes, which armed us with knowledge about informed consent, the birthing process, and a myriad of details, we felt semi-prepared and ready to go. As the day grew closer, I started to doubt myself. Would I be strong enough? Would Shawn remember everything? I knew from the beginning that it would just be the two of us in the room. I wanted it to be intimate and I wanted every decision made to come from my heart and not an outside influence. I knew that Shawn supported my decisions, but who would be there for him when the going got tough? We decided around 36 weeks that we would need a doula. We scheduled three interviews and only had one. It was with Staci. I didn’t need to meet anyone else.

Maybe it was the aromatherapy, the specialization as a hypnodoula, her crazy good organization skills, or her calm, but assertive manner, that made our instant decision? It was all of the above. The essential oils did so much for me at home. I BELIEVED in their ability to help and most of all BELIEVED in Staci using them to guide me through. I tried to get into hypnobabies during pregnancy, but couldn’t. On birth day, Staci was armed with the CD and it got me further than I ever thought it could.

54 hours is a long time to be in labor. Staci was with us when I thought the contractions were bad, when they started to get bad, when they were REALLY bad, and when they stopped. Her techniques allowed me to remain calm and at home through early labor. Your sense of power is amazing when you have someone there with you, working through each contraction, telling you that YOU WILL deliver this baby and YOU ARE strong and DOING GREAT.

Staci spent early labor at home with us. She went to the Vandy with us…twice. Most of all, she was there when I felt defeated and opted for an epidural. Sometimes medication is needed. For pain. For rest. I needed both. Having the support of my partner and my doula allowed me to relax. I was able to get into the side position that Staci and my Bradley classes had taught me, and in an hour and a half I was ready to push. Charlotte came into the world with Shawn, Staci, and our (third) midwife by my side. I remember Staci and Shawn cheering as I was pushing. It still brings instant tears. This woman that I met a few short weeks ago had helped me achieve a LIFE dream. How can I every repay her?

Without Staci I would have almost definitely had an unplanned cesarean. I would have gone to the hospital early, I wouldn’t have had the courage to decline an unwanted ultrasound (to look for an amniotic leak that would have put me on the 24 hour clock), I would have just wanted it to be over so that I could go to sleep. She worked me through almost two days of contractions at home, gave me support with all decisions that we made, and kept me drinking fluids to keep my energy up. All of this AND the support she provided for Shawn. A great midwife told me once that however many people are at a birth is how many it takes to deliver a baby. For Charlotte’s arrival, I needed Shawn, but we BOTH needed Staci. My heart soars when I think of her. Needless to say, she comes with high recommendations from our family. When it comes time for another baby, I can only hope that she will be by my side once again.